What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation could be described as a mega trend, it covers the monumental technology shift that will inevitably be evaluated and adopted, in one form or another, by every industry and organisation in the world. It involves shifting investments from older technologies and business initiatives, to new innovative business tools based on the latest and emerging technologies.

The Benefits

Organisations are re-evaluating the way they go to market, how they operate and the tools they use. The real success stories are the businesses that are embracing this fast-paced change, evolving into more agile and efficient organisations. These businesses are more dynamic and secure, and benefit from lower operating costs, born out of this new-found efficiency, keeping themselves competitive in their respective markets.

What once required a team of highly paid back office staff, whose sole focus was high volume, low complexity data processing, can now be transacted by a single server with a business automation software solution. This allows your physical workforce to focus on innovation, creativity and ultimately low volume, high complexity tasks.

Our Approach

The first step on a digital transformation journey is helping a client shift the way they look at their business processes, in order to help them rebuild them with these new and emerging technologies.

In order to rebuild a process we really need to properly understand how it looks today, Using our Audit, Discovery and Design services we can map what today looks like for a business, and then start building a future state solution with our toolset automation applications, whether we’re streamlining an accounts payable process, using freeform data extraction, or digitising a paper forms process by digitising the paper document and presenting it in web interface or mobile app, all of these technologies and services are available from iDoc Services.

Today’s working environments are changing; more and more businesses are introducing dynamic working environments with hot desking, home workers and field based roles. iDoc Services has a suite of productivity solutions that fit these new dynamic working environments.

Using these solutions, we shift client focus from savings born out of the traditional commoditised MPS print reduction, to far more significant ROI on people and process, opening up much greater opportunities for substantial savings born out of productivity gains, un-shackling your staff from inefficient legacy processes.

Where do I start?

This entire subject can seem extremely complex and a bit of mine field, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right business partner and approach this transformation process can be very simple as long as it follows a scalable and robust methodology.

The right Digital Transformation partner will work with you to:
  1. Understand where your business challenges exist
  2. Identify solutions to those challenges
  3. Design initiatives to support your Digital Transformation objectives
Your selected business partner first and foremost needs to understand your business, using a sound audit and discovery process, iDoc Services will help to understand and highlight areas of your business that could realise the benefits of this technology and map out the current state process to graphically highlight the problem. Your business partner also needs to demonstrate technical excellence with the products and services they offer. Having access to these skillsets and technologies allows us to design a truly best of breed solution to improve your process efficiencies.

With the vast majority of UK businesses now either exploring or already implementing Digital Transformation initiatives, can your business afford not to?

To find out how iDoc Services could help your Digital Transformation strategy, just fill in the form below and one of our experienced consultants will be in touch.

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