We know that printing isn't the most environmentally practice and, inherent within it is a certain footprint, which more and more our clients are focused on. To this end, we work very hard to help clients to manage, reduce and eliminate, wherever possible that footprint.


How to reduce, wherever possible and mitigate, where necessary, the environmental impact of your print behaviour.


Digitising just some of your old paper based processes can have a significant impact on the volume of prints you produce and the number of devices you require, as well as increasing the productivity and efficiency of your end-users.

Deploying print management software will reduce your impact by:
  1. Reducing the number of pages output, typically by 20%, saving paper, toner and electricity
  2. Rules based printing can default to double siding, either across the board or just from certain applications, e.g. MS Outlook, saving up to 50% paper use.
Rationalising your printer fleet will reduce your impact by:
  1. Fewer devices manufactured and shipped
  2. Fewer devices plugged in = lower electricity consumption


iDoc Services only work with manufacturers who are as conscious of their environmental responsibilities as we are. Our carefully selected partners work hard on reducing their own impact and therefore our clients' own. Reducing packaging sizes, lowering TEC values, using sustainable plastics in manufacturing and developing technologies in toner and fusing which dramatically affect the overall impact of their products.

We also have a range of business inkjet devices, within our product portfolio, which promise 96% lower energy consumption, 94% less waste and 92% less CO2 than equivalent laser devices!

To find out how much you could reduce your own energy consumption and CO2 emissions, try this on-line calculator:


We have partnered with PrintReleaf to empower businesses to certifiably reduce the environmental impact of using paper by automatically planting trees across a global network of reforestation projects. PrintReleaf have robust standards for measuring, offsetting, and verifying the successful reforestation of paper consumption and a standard, methodology, and technology platform that makes it simple for customers to offset their paper consumption.

There are about 8,000 pages of paper in the average tree. That’s why every time your printer reaches 8,333 pages, a replacement tree is planted in your honour. And it’s all done for you automatically through a network of reforestation projects around the world. Once your trees are planted, PrintReleaf even administers an 8-year audit process so you can seamlessly track the progress. PrintReleaf is a simple way to dramatically reduce your company’s environmental impact and proudly go paper-neutral.

To find out how iDoc Services could help your sustainability efforts, just fill in the form below and one of our experienced consultants will be in touch.

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