Sustainable Printing Solutions 


Improving Your Green Credentials. 

Printing behaviour has a huge impact on the environment and there's a need for more sustainable solutions. Our professional team shares decades of experience in helping businesses optimise their fleet and reduce waste. 

Reducing Impact 

Doing Your Bit.

Businesses often only need to make minor changes to their practices to see a real reduction in impact. Digitising just some of your paper-based processes will greatly reduce your print volume and eventually the number of devices you require, meaning you pay less on energy too. This is also a benefit for your end-users who'll see an increase in their productivity and efficiency.


Deploying print management software can help you save substantially on paper, toner, and electricity with just a 20% reduction in volume. Making use of rules-based defaults means all printing is double-sided, and can save you up to 50% on paper use. 

Hardware Choice

Only The Brands That Care Like We Do. 

​At iDoc Services, we only work with printing manufacturers that are as conscious of their environmental responsibility as we are.


​​Our partners are carefully selected based on their efforts to reduce their environmental impact and by manufacturing products that help businesses reduce their own. Resizing packaging, lowering TEC values, and using sustainable plastics for manufacturing dramatically affects the overall environmental impact of your printing equipment.

We carry a host of eco-friendly, business-ready inkjet devices, all of which promise up to 96% lower energy consumption, 94% less waste, and 92% less CO2 than equivalent laser devices.

Take a look at how much your business could save with our online calculator. 

Mitigating Impact 

Partnering With The Best. 

The average tree contains around 8,000 pieces of paper and while this might seem like a lot, some international organisations could tear through this much in a day or two. 

In partnership with PrintReleaf, we empower businesses to certifiably reduce the environmental impact of their paper usage. Every time your printers reach 8,333 pages, a tree will be planted in your company's honour through a worldwide reforestation project. You can even track your tree's progress for up to 8 years with PrintReleaf's audit process. 

By aligning with PrintReleaf's robust standards for measuring, offsetting, and verifying successful reforestation, our customers can have peace of mind that our focus is on sustainability. Its cutting-edge platform and approach to tracking reforestation make it much easier for customers to offset their paper consumption.

With PrintReleaf at our side, we help customers achieve their green status and go totally paper-neutral. 

Your Partner For Sustainable Printing Operations

At iDoc Services Limited, we can advise you on the most eco-friendly equipment, practices, and more. We have over thirty years' experience providing effective printing solutions that cut your costs and save you money. Let's make a start on your needs today - enquire about our free audit and assessment on your current infrastructure.